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444   The correct noise isolation is necessary for any car, whether it is an old domestic car, or a new foreign car. Even topo cars, already embedded in the factory noise isolation, often require its improvement. Why do I need a noise isolation? Can I do without extra cost?

   The main purpose of noise isolation is to reduce the sound and vibration load, create comfort for the driver and passengers, eliminate the irritating creak of the interior elements, improve comfort and feelings from the operation of the car.

Work on noise isolation using noise insulation materials can be divided into the following tasks:

   1) Vibro-noise insulation:
1.1. Reduced vibration load of the car;
1.2. Reduction of noise level from the engine compartment;

1.3. Reduction of noise level from the gearbox;
1.4. Reducing road noise;
1.5. Removing the creaks of decorative elements of the cabin.

  2) Work with the acoustic system - improving the sound by the method of vibration-noise isolation of the elements create favorable conditions for the correct sounding and work of the dynamics.
  3) Thermal insulation of the cabin.

Advantages of noise isolation:

  • Increase the level of safety during a ride (the driver is not distracted by extraneous noise, does not lose attention due to fatigue);
  • Increased comfort - noise isolation of the car makes it possible for a long ride without negative consequences for the driver and passengers;
  • Creating a correct acoustic effect, making the music in the cabin sound perfect;1 31
  • Thermal insulation: in the summer the car keeps cooling cooler with the engine switched off longer, and in winter cools down longer, keeping warm in the cabin;
  • Additional body-proof waterproofing - water from the cabin will not fall on the metal parts of the body and will not cause them corrosion;
  • Increase the life of the car.

    The market has a large number of materials for noise isolation, BUT ONLY use of high quality materials results in a long time and will not lead to wasteful money! Be attentive!